As a Microsoft Education Partner, we're delighted to promote the upcoming Microsoft Education Live Event 'Be the start of something' and are offering transport to schools based in the South West and Midlands who are interested in sending a member of their Senior Leadership Team to attend the event.


Here's what Microsoft say about the events happening over a variety of dates in Feb and March:


"We understand that for all of you there are different outcomes and impact that you are looking to drive from saving costs across your educational institution, to providing teachers with more time and delivering greater learning outcomes for your young people. This event gives you the ability to attend one or all of the four tailored sessions that will help support you to meet your needs. In particular, the sessions will talk about the power of Cloud technology and how you can use it to support to drive your outcomes."


If you're interested in attending these inspiring events, please follow the signup link and if you're from the South West or Midlands, please drop us a line to see how we can help get you there!



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