At iCT4 we’re fortunate enough to get regular feedback on the quality of our customer service so we’ve decided to share some of our tips with the world! There’s no ‘big secret’, some of our tips might even be a little contentious but we believe these are the little touches that make the difference. We hope you enjoy these as we share them over the coming weeks.

Tip #1 – Say no to ‘noreply@’

It’s happened to us all, you receive an email out of the blue and decide you’d like to find out more – rather than being able to simply reply, you might be forced to a web address, an online form or even have to pick a different address to communicate with.

Use of a ‘noreply@’ email address suggests two things to us:

1). The sender is perhaps not expecting you to want to reply directly – this might hint at the email being poorly targeted and perhaps even a little spammy? Perhaps the bounce rate is so bad that the mailbox and those monitoring it would be overwhelmed. That’s a problem for the supplier, but it’s not your problem as the customer.

2). The sender WANTS the recipient to change ‘channel’ of communication, presumably to something that better suits the senders’ needs. Shouldn’t we as customers be able to talk to our suppliers via ANY channel? Why should we jump through hoops to continue a conversation that the sender started?

So there it is, suppliers of the world, don’t hide behind unmonitored mailboxes, get out there and talk to your customers – who knows, they might say something wonderful!

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