How one experience shaped our future

Our entire purpose as a company stems from this single experience.

In 2005, Glyn entered a classroom in Cornwall that left a lasting impression and later led him to form iCT4 with Josh in 2012. This was one of a handful of “classrooms of the future” in the UK – experimental projects designed to showcase the use of technology and innovative learning practices.

Anyone who has spent a minute working in education knows that a classroom of the future doesn’t resemble the reality in most UK schools. Instead of working with unlimited budgets and untested concepts, we’re often making existing resources stretch further and advising schools how to invest in systems that will stand the test of time.

However, Glyn’s experience made us appreciate how our expertise could make a positive social impact on young people’s lives and modernise the classroom for current and future students. Rather than wait for the perfect conditions for change, we decided to jump right in and help schools to adapt in a sector that’s evolving faster than most people realise.

Since the events of 2020, digital transformation and remote learning in education have taken a giant leap forward. We’re at the forefront of helping schools and MATs to prepare for a changing landscape.


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Our team come from education backgrounds

We develop strong relationships with our schools by assigning one of our team to each school. This approach means that we’re more like a full-time member of your faculty than an outside supplier. In fact, our Leadership Team have all worked “school-side” before joining iCT4:

Glyn Pascoe
Managing Director
Glyn joined the team in 2005 and in addition to looking after his schools, he manages to find the time to run the company and develop the ongoing strategy for all service offerings at iCT4. He’s a father of a young family and keen kayaker, so where he gets the time from is anyone’s guess!
Josh Hosking
Josh joined in 2010 and helps to run the company whilst working with his schools and MATs in the South West and beyond. Josh is a keen web developer, gadget obsessive and heads up our award-winning Superfast Schools broadband service.
James Shackley
Operations Manager
James has worked with schools to design, implement and support their ICT strategies for more years than he cares to admit. He's a keen guitarist, “enthusiastic” drummer, coffee addict and big fan of cats, but he's yet to find a hobby that truly combines all of these passions...
Jonathan Jenkin
Service Delivery Manager
Jonathan (JJ) joined with 29 years local government experience, including 15 years in a SIMS Support role and 5 years as a School Bursar. JJ heads up our Services for Schools Team as well as making sure we continue to deliver the best service to our schools. He's also a school governor and in his spare time enjoys photography, archaeology and travelling.
Guy Phillips
Technical Operations Manager
Guy joined iCT4 in 2011, having worked in schools as an IT Technician. Guy coaches and develops our team of Engineers to ensure that consistently high levels of quality are delivered by all our staff. Guy is at home in the sea and even enjoys a bit of tombstoning at the weekends – he’s also learning to play the guitar so the office christmas party already has its own band!

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